So You Want To Be A Model?

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Modeling is a career that has been around for decades. Models have always been in high demand and with the advent of the internet, modeling has become more popular than ever.

Although modeling is not a traditional 9-to-5 job, it can be lucrative and fun. Models are often seen on billboards, magazine covers, commercials, and TV shows. If you have the dedication to succeed in this industry then you will be handsomely rewarded.

There are many types of models that work in the modeling industry. These include runway, print, commercial, and editorial models.

Models can be classified into three categories: fashion models, commercial models, and editorial models. Fashion models are typically employed to model clothing on the runway or in a fashion show. Commercial models are employed to sell products or services through advertisements and product demonstrations. Editorial models are typically employed for magazine photo shoots or for editorials in newspapers or magazines.

The modeling industry is a competitive field with many jobs available for those who want to work as a model.

Fashion models are the public face of fashion. They are the ones who appear in the editorial spreads in magazines and represent clothing lines at fashion shows. Because of this, the industry tends to be very specific about the general requirements needed to work in this field. While I’m not generally one to piss in your coffee and ruin your day. Let us be clear, clear. Height rules this field. Less than 5’8 need not apply. Okay before you rip me a new one, let's be clear here. I’m not saying that you can’t succeed in this field if you're not at least 5’8 but let's keep it real. Designers and brands have always maintained that their designs show better on tall women and while you may be that 5’5 player that knocks down the Great Wall of China the odds are stacked against you.

To break into this field height is important but also having the public perception of beauty certainly helps out. The public perception of beauty has stayed pretty much consistent for decades. (tall, blonde, white, skinny)

Commercial models tend to have a less stringent set of guidelines. The loose set of guidelines is typical because photos for commercial use are usually meant to appeal to a much larger base of consumers and cover a much broader subject matter. Because of this, you need to show a much larger base of shapes, ethnicities, and sizes of models to appeal to a much wider audience.

Editorial models, on the other hand, tend to show an idealistic view of the world and thus they look to typecast models into pretty stringent constraints. Tall, slender, beautiful women seem to dominate this form of modeling. So short models without well-defined cheekbones will find it difficult if not impossible to land positions in this form of modeling. 

Working with a modeling agency is not the same as being a freelance model To start with, freelance models typically work for themselves and are not employed by a modeling agency. They also have to take care of their expenses, such as travel and lodging expenses. On the other hand, models that work for a modeling agency do not have to worry about these things because their agency takes care of it. Freelance models have to find their work while agencies find work for you and receive a commission from your earnings. 
The decision to work as a freelance model or work for an agency is a personal one with each avenue having advantages and disadvantages. The best way to think about this is that freelance models are self-employed while modeling agencies employ models.

There are many different ways to get into the modeling industry. You can go to a casting call, you can submit your portfolio online, or you can walk into a modeling agency and introduce yourself. The more time, energy, and money you put into this process the better chance you have of getting noticed. Remember that it is a competitive industry so be prepared for rejection. Social media platforms have provided another opportunity for models to get discovered. Influencers are big businesses and should not be overlooked as an avenue for modeling success.

The absolute bottom line is that regardless of what avenue you choose to take or what discipline of modeling you choose to get into be prepared to work your butt off. Too many people think that a great set of cheekbones and a bit of height is what it takes to be a model. You are sadly mistaken. Others think that modeling is a way to improve your self-image. Wow!!!! Is that just completely wrong? The world of modeling can and will break you if you are not ready to deal with rejection. Not just rejection but rather REJECTiON. The world of modeling has no regard for your feelings, low self-esteem, or pretty face. People get eaten up and spit out! Your pretty face comes a dime a dozen. Your low self-esteem will be as obvious as a red ball on top of fresh snow. This business will expose every single flaw you have and replace you on set in minutes. 

While it's true that models come a dime a dozen, let's be clear, good ones don’t. Believe me when I tell you a good model isn't just a pretty face. That is pretty far down the line considering what makes a good model. The good ones have an incredible work ethic, pay attention to the details, and embody the character they are portraying. Standing and asking what you want me to do (and calling yourself a model) is a surefire way of getting your feelings hurt. 

Wanting to take nice pictures as a hobby is cool. Hell, it's even a great time. but if you are looking to make money for being a model you need to invest in yourself, understand what makes a good model, and most importantly have a solid foundation because rejection is part of the business. 



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Latino non binary 32 "5 7" 145 pounds
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